The Cogworks opened up a whole new window to our code base

Meet The Cogworks

We are a team of web developers, designers, content editors and project managers, specialised in using the Umbraco platform.

We don't mean to blow our own trumpet (ok, well maybe a little bit) but we've got 10 Certified Umbraco Developers, 3 Certified Masters, 2 Umbraco MVPs and all Project Managers are certified to Umbraco Fundamentals Level, giving our team an expert understanding of the Umbraco CMS from all angles.

We're also proud hosts of the Official annual Umbraco UK Festival, the biggest Umbraco conference after Codegarden. If you've not heard about the Umbraco Festival, which has been going since 2009, head over to the Umbraco UK Festival website to see what you're missing out on.


The Cogworks


United Kingdom, Spain, Poland

Year Founded


Company Size

25 employees

Launched Websites


How does The Cogworks utilize

We had a chat with Ismail Mayat, a senior web developer at The Cogworks. Ismail tells us they use across all their projects.

"We became familiar with when one of our existing projects was causing us performance issues. Trawling through our application and IIS logs we had found nothing of note, but when we installed it opened up a whole new window to our site code base. We soon found the problem and all was fixed."

The Cogworks are continuously working with and use a lot of the features available. One of the favorites, is the integration with Slack. By integrating error logging from the range of websites with Slack, The Cogworks has an early warning system and can react to errors before customers starts complaining.

When looking back to the time before integrating with, Ismail states: "Now it's a case of how did we ever live without it?"

The Cogworks
Credit: Doug Robar

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