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Founding was triggered by my experience and years of pain, while monitoring a range of websites. I had been using the open source project ELMAH, but along the way followed weird processes where someone was responsible of looking through errors on a daily basis, checking a shared mailbox, or something similar. Basically processes that worked for a week and then were silently forgotten. While started as a hobby project, a lot happened during the last three years. Today, is a real company employing myself and a number of people. We are 100% bootstrapped and have never received any external funding. This helps us focus on building great experiences for our users, without ever having to worry about making investors rich.

So, how does help me? you might think. You probably know that feeling of terror when putting new features into production. Deploying bug-free software isn't possible, that's why you need a tool to help you monitor your websites. Meet! From development to production, we help you monitor your website by logging all uncaught (and caught if you'd like) errors. Unlike ELMAH, flat files, logging frameworks and similar, all of your errors are indexed and made searchable in the Cloud. Once logged, we will notify you on a channel of your choice (mail, Slack, HipChat, etc.). When you get that notification, we provide you with the tools necessary to fix errors fast. Combining answers from social media with a lot of contextual information about the error, we will help you fix bugs at supersonic speed.

Once again, welcome to If you haven't already, check out our features and sign up for a free trial. We love feedback, so feel free to contact us through the chat widget in the lower righthand corner.

Thomas Ardal, Founder of
Thomas Ardal, Founder of

Disclaimer is not affiliated with the ELMAH project and none of the nice folks at ELMAH are crafting We contribute to the ELMAH source once in a while and we're lucky enough to have people from ELMAH helping out with the parts of which are open sourced. is developed by ApS, J M Knudsens Vej 14, 8670 Laasby, Denmark
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