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Error Management

With elmah.io, logging errors and monitoring your websites have never been this easy. We provide you with the tools you need to implement error management and uptime monitoring of your .NET web applications.


Your log messages are shipped off to elmah.io through a 256 bit encrypted SSL connection. By working with the best companies in the industry, we do what is required for you to be able to sleep at night.

Unlimited Applications

All plans include unlimited number of applications. Group your log messages by app, customer, date, you name it. We think that you know how to run your business and we don't want to limit that by telling you how to split your logs.

Extending the standard

elmah.io is based on ELMAH, the market standard for logging errors from any .NET web application. But we don’t stop there. log4net, NLog, Logary, Serilog and other popular frameworks are first-class citizens in elmah.io.

What a great idea, ELMAH (Error Logging) for .NET in the cloud.

Testimonials from some of our awesome users:

We use it all the way from the development to production environments

By collecting all error logs in one place, elmah.io has given us a much better insight into our applications. We use it all the way from the development to production environments and by doing so it's hard not to catch errors before they go live. A huge plus is that it works with any popular logging framework and isn't limited to ELMAH. Getting started is easy and adds no development overhead - it just works. If it for whatever reason doesn't, then the support is very quick to reply and happy to help.
Lars Jacobsson, Lead Developer at MatHem.se - Sweden's leading online grocery store

I would personally use elmah.io and recommend it to my developer friends.

elmah.io has been an important part of our process over the past two years. We first used it as a trial for an internal API to help with debugging. The ease of use won the whole team over and elmah.io quickly became the de facto choice for all production projects at Rosslyn Analytics. elmah.io's web interface makes it accessible for not only developers but also project managers and testers, especially for a distributed team like ours. It facilitates the flow of information and saves us plenty of development time in the process.

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