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Meet Abraquest

Abraquest is a school library software package and offers easy tracking of books and fully comprehensive library management features. Our mission is to provide the easiest to use and the most powerful features on the market at the best possible price. It was started in the 20th century by our chartered librarian, Maeve Denny.

The current version dates back to 2004, although most of the code is only a couple of years old as we continuously are improving and enhancing the software. It offers cloud access to book databases and backups, and we will shortly be offering a web-based version.

Website: www.abraquest.co.uk



United Kingdom

Year Founded




Catalogued Books

3+ Million

How does Abraquest utilize elmah.io?

Philip Johnson, Managing Director at Abraquest, is a lifelong software developer, having started with mini-computers in the early '80s. Early systems were Fortran, C, and Cobol with proprietary databases. Oracle and SQL consultancy followed, with many projects for corporates and also smaller companies.

"elmah.io is used for both the application, batch jobs, back end services, and upcoming web-based application. It is extremely easy to set up with lots of help and very helpful support to allow us to get the best out of the product very quickly. I particularly like how it qualifies errors, telling us if a new or re-appearance of a fix comes in."

For the past 15 years, Philip has been using .NET, C#, and Microsoft SQL/Server, mainly on the web, webforms, and more recently, ASP.NET MVC.

"This must be the easiest and best error logging system I have used. Period."

Philip Johnson

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