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Incredibly impressed and excited for ELMAH and! Almost want to get exceptions so I can see them logged!

Dennis E. Crumb

Startups, MVP and Open Source for Startups

To help startups grow, we offer 12 months at a discounted price. Stop worring about if your website works and free up time to build your business.

Startups apply for Business (save $539)

Read more about for Startups.

MVPs and User Groups

We would like to honor influential people in the .NET world. Apply for a free subscription a MVP or contact us about sponsoring your user group.

MVPs apply for a free Personal subscription.

Read more about Microsoft MVP, ASPInsiders, Umbraco MVP and User Group sponsorships.

Free for Open Source

We love open source at Apply for a free Small Business subscription for your project.

Open Source apply for Small Business

Read more about Open Source licenses and your possibilities as a Blogger.


Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely! Everyone can try completely free for 21 days, no credit card required.

Can I upgrade or downgrade later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time on the organization settings page.

Does it take much to get started with

Not at all. Our simple setup means can be integrated within a couple of seconds, just by installing a NuGet package.

What is the difference between applications and messages?

A message is the timestamp, title and additional data that you log when an error occurs, log an information message through log4net etc. An application is a container for messages. How you chose to group your messages, is entirely up to you.

Why are you so much cheaper than other services?

We focus all our efforts on one language - .NET - and we do it well. Other services may support a ton of other languages but if you only use .NET then why pay for all the rest? That's our opinion...

What if I want to cancel my service?

Not a problem. If you decide that isn't for you simply cancel your subscription from your organization settings page.

Can I be invoiced for my plan?

Yes, invoicing is available on all plans. When purchasing a yearly Business+ or Enterprise plan, we support manual invoices as well as bank transfer, checks and similar.

Do you provide custom plans?

Of course. Get in touch to talk about your needs.

Can I get back my money if I'm not satisfied?

Yes! Within the first 14 days, we offer a full refund. Check out our Refund Policy for details.

Can I ask another question?

Always! Simply ask away. because it's the infuriating, complex things in life becoming simple that give us joy.

Mike Watson Mike Watson, Founder of seriouslabz