Using to identify and prioritize errors from AWS

Meet Deskhero

Deskhero is an easy-to-use helpdesk and customer-support service tool, primarily targeting other startups and small businesses.

Since their market is global, it was natural for them to set up a fully distributed team from start. This helped them recruit top competence without being limited to the physical location and build a modern, fast-paced culture.

A modern SaaS startup builds products with modern technology, where is one of the key components to achieving the high quality required.





Teams In

Sweden, Malta, Estonia, India

Year Founded


How does Deskhero utilize

Deskhero runs on top of AWS services and utilizes containerized ECS cluster for long-running apps and Lambda for short-lived transaction-based reactions. We had a chat with Jimmie Antonsson, Founder and CEO of Deskhero about how helps monitor their AWS deployments:

" helps us aggregate any warnings or errors no matter its origin. We ship logs to multiple destinations, but is far the easiest to quickly get a helicopter view of any incident.

With as our monitoring solution, we can quickly identify and prioritize any unexpected behavior from our distributed deployments through all environments."


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