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Total logging setup time is less than 5 minutes now with

Meet IowaComputerGurus Inc.

IowaComputerGurus was founded in 2006 with a single mission to provide quality technology solutions to customers with the best customer support at all times. We are a company that is constantly on the leading edge (and even bleeding edge) of technology researching to make sure that our customers are using the best technologies possible.

We develop custom solutions for customers across the world, spanning multiple industry verticals. As Microsoft Partners we are also firm believers in Azure and help customers migrate to leverage the Azure cloud to accomplish their technology needs in an affordable and scalable manner. We also dogfood our own technology patterns with our SaaS offerings.

We work primarily with ASP.NET Core and when a CMS is needed the DNN Platform. We are also very active contributors to the .NET Open Source community with more than 1,000 development hours per year provided to open-source initiatives.




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IowaComputerGurus believes firmily in properly supporting customer environments. Part of supporting customers is knowing when something has gone wrong and being able to react to it. This goal is what lead IowaComputerGurus to use for all .NET Core projects that they manage. Mitchel Sellers, Microsoft MVP & CEO of IowaComputerGurus, Inc. explains a bit more:

"After researching solutions for the better part of a year, was by far the easiest solution for us to implement. With the nice integration to Serilog, we are able to provide a hybrid solution that allows to expose the most critical of action items to us immediately while retaining the other diagnostic information in traditional file-based logging. Our total setup time now, for a consistent logging pattern is less than 5 minutes per-project, which makes it a mandatory item for all projects.

Additionally, the team at has been fantastic every time that we have a feature request and has been willing to work with us to help implement new features that improve and allow us to better service our customers. The very best in technology partnerships.

Just give it a try, it really is as easy and helpful as it looks!"

Mitchel Sellers

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