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Get notifications in Slack when your website crashes

Team Notifications

Getting instant notifications about website failures through to your team is an essential part of any error management process. The faster you fix an error, the fewer angry customers you will need to support. With's integration with Slack, notifying your team about new website crashes is possible using a few mouse clicks.

Using the integration with Slack, new errors logged to your error logs, automatically show up in a Slack channel of your choice. Each message contains all the necessary data to start debugging an error, like the type of error, the URL causing the error and the stack trace. You don't even need to visit to start fixing bugs.

Slack notification


When a bug has been fixed, you want to tell about it. By hiding an error, deleting it, or marking it as fixed, you make sure that the list of errors in, always show the full picture of the current bugs in your system.

With embedded actions in our integration, executing common tasks like these are possible directly from Slack. Just click one of the action buttons on each error, and the chosen error will automatically be marked as fixed or one of the other available actions. Marking an error as fixed, makes sure that will notify you if the error is re-introduced.

Mark as fixed

Uptime Monitoring and Heartbeats

Now that you get a Slack notification when your website or service starts failing everything is monitored, right? Not entirely. What if your site isn't accessible, caused by a proxy, a failing web server, or misconfigured DNS? Or what if someone accidentally disabled the nightly job backing up your database? No worries, got you covered.

Using Uptime Monitoring and Heartbeats, we automatically notify you through Slack when your website is unreachable or a scheduled task or service didn't run as expected. When everything is up and running, we send a confirmation message to let everyone know that the issue is resolved. By combining Uptime Monitoring and Heartbeats with the Slack integration, you no longer need to pay for an external uptime tool.

Spike Detection

When on a plan with the Anomaly Detection feature, we use machine learning to crunch through your log data. When a spike in errors has been identified, automatically notify you on Slack. With details about how many errors we identified and a list of the most common errors, you don't even need to visit to get an overview of what went wrong. Your developers can start looking into any introduced problems straight away.


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