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In light of new regulatory regimes and business demands, customer data is a key strategic asset in today's competitive world. With more insurance mergers and acquisitions, having multiple legacy systems with poor data quality increases costs and can put companies on the back foot when dealing with customers and assessing risk. This is where Insurance Data Solutions can help in reconciling your data challenges.

Founded and based in Chelmsford Essex since 2006 with its good road links and easy access to the city, Insurance Data Solutions started as a data conversion specialist to handle insurance broker mergers. It has since expanded into software applications such as Insurance Data Bordereaux and Insurance Data Analytics, to save customers time and give them information about their businesses that their existing systems contain but cannot present in a timely and useful manner.


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Insurance Data Solutions is run by Paul Johnson, Managing Director, and Cheryl Flynn, Marketing Director. Paul has spent his career working with insurance data and insurance systems and has a wealth of experience stretching over 30 years.

Paul says he likes how can handle the multiple web apps, console apps, function apps, and web APIs, allowing him to organize and prioritize errors, resulting in quicker and more accurate fixes and ultimately better customer service.

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