Unified logging throughout .NET Core, ASP.NET, WPF, and WinForms


We're a globally recognized product support leader with an exemplary reputation in aerospace, defense, and manufacturing. Our mission? To make product support information better. Our holistic solutions provide a distinct advantage by extending the life of customers' valuable mission-critical equipment and improving the human experience. Equipment becomes safer to use, maintenance more efficient, parts procurement simpler, and training more scalable.

As a 100% employee-owned company, each ONEIL writer, technical illustrator, and project manager has a vested interest in producing strong partnerships, helping improve customer satisfaction and developing top-quality material. Nearly 40% of our staff is U.S. military veterans.




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How does ONEIL utilize

We had a chat with Armando Monzon, Director of Software Development at ONEIL. As for how ONEIL uses and what they like about it, Armando says:

"ONEIL supports several intelligent products across multiple platforms and technology stacks, including .NET Core, ASP.NET, WPF, and WinForms. Previously, supporting each application was challenging due to logging and error handling methods built over the years by various developers. gave us a single, unified logging mechanism that not only simplified accessing these logs but also enhanced the notification mechanisms such that developers could be notified in real-time as errors occurred in the field. This enables our developers to be more responsive and proactive about correcting issues, resulting in streamlined workflow and more satisfied customers."

Armando Monzon

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