Best error logging and uptime monitoring for .NET

Error Management

elmah.io is our error management system for .NET web applications. Log exceptions and messages from your website, get notifications through popular channels like mail, Slack and Microsoft Teams and finally, get help fixing bugs fast. You will find that elmah.io is the best error tracking option for .NET.


Deployment Tracking

With Deployment Tracking, you get the perfect overview of your different software releases and how each release performs in terms of logged errors and warnings. Deployment Tracking is the perfect companion to error management with elmah.io and integrates with Octopus Deploy, Azure DevOps and more.


Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring lets you set up one or more HTTP(s) endpoints to monitor. We automatically ping your endpoints every 5 minutes from up to 5 different locations. Uptime Monitoring integrates with your existing error log and notifications already set up. Discover the benefits of combining error logs with uptime checks.



With Heartbeats configured on all of your services, elmah.io will automatically keep track of your services and scheduled tasks. When a program doesn't publish a heartbeat in time, you will receive a notification. Reacting on missing heartbeats should be an essential part of your monitoring process.


Error Management

Implementing Error Management on your website have never been this easy. With elmah.io we provide you with the DevOps tools you need to stop worrying if your website breaks down. In short: We help you sleep at night.


By combining 256 bit encrypted SSL with lots of other security features, you won’t have to worry if someone else is watching. Read more about our security features and why keeping your data private matters to us.

Unlimited Applications

Create unlimited applications on any plan. We don't want to limit how you run your business, by telling you how to split your logs. With you in control, we give you the best overview on the market.

Best .NET Support

elmah.io supports all major .NET web frameworks, logging libraries and CMS systems. We are the only solution, which aggregates both crashes and structured logging from log4net, NLog and Serilog.

Tracking Errors

Intelligent Error Grouping

Losing track of errors in your web applications? With Intelligent Error Grouping, you are presented with the list of unique errors, rather than the same error in thousand instances. This creates a much better overview of the errors to fix. Where most solutions try to save storage by logging errors once, we store every single error to provide a much better debugging experience.

Anomaly Detection


By using machine learning, we help you identify anomalies in your logged errors. Quickly spot if your application is logging errors not normally logged and when error spikes are introduced with the extended log overview. By logging anomalies in your existing logs you get instant email and Slack/Teams notifications when anomalies are spotted.

Advanced Search

With the powerful search capabilities of elmah.io, navigating your logs are as easy as searching Google. Both full-text queries and advanced structured queries are available out of the box, giving you the best chances of hunting down bugs in your software.

Ever lost track of your log files? With elmah.io that feeling is history!

Query messages using full-text search

Burst Detection

Logging a few errors per day (you cannot avoid bots and crawlers) may be alright. But when your application starts logging the same error over an over again you want to know about it. Using Burst Detection, you can execute a range of actions like sending an email, make an HTTP request, or ignore future instances of an error until fixed.


Web Frameworks

Integrate elmah.io into any of the major web frameworks like ASP.NET MVC, Web API and ASP.NET Core to identify crashes. Where most error management systems need a lot of configuration, elmah.io automatically collects the contextual information needed to fix bugs.

Handle errors from ASP.NET MVC | Web API | ASP.NET Core ... and more

Logging Frameworks

Move your structured logging needs to elmah.io using our integrations for popular logging frameworks like Serilog, log4net, NLog and Logary. Why have your logs spread across multiple servers and files, when elmah.io handles both crashes and structured logging?

Logging from ELMAH | Serilog | log4net | NLog ... and more

CMS and Blogs

Keeping an eye on errors happening in your content management system or blog, is as important as in your own code. We provide integrations for popular content management systems and blog software like Umbraco, Sitefinity and BlogEngine.NET.

Logging from Umbraco | Sitefinity | BlogEngine.NET ... and more

Client-side Logging

Using elmah.io Client-side Logging, monitoring JavaScript errors is only a single script import away. No matter if you are using jQuery, Angular, React, or any other framework, elmah.io reveal which errors your users are experiencing in their browser.

Handle errors from JavaScript

Custom data

Help debugging by enriching log messages with contextual data from your business domain. Search crashes by a predefined product, by users on a specific plan or something third. The only limit is your imagination.

Logging custom data

Mobile Logging

Are you relying on your users to tell you when your mobile apps crash? elmah.io for Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, and Uno Platform will help you get the best overview of the stability of your apps.

Logging from Xamarin | Uno Platform

Notifications directly on your phone New Error Time Severity URL Status Code Host Error Application Source User Client IP Version Stacktrace


Receive an email when new errors occur

You can even specify custom queries for only notifying you when messages with a specific pattern are logged.

Receive an email when a new error is logged

Get notified on Slack or Microsoft Teams

With our custom integrations for Slack and Microsoft Teams, notifying your team about issues is easier than ever.

Integrate with Slack | Teams

Receive a daily overview email

Setup a daily email on your logs, to avoid having to login constantly. Our daily digest email shows you exactly what happened during the last 24 hours and if something needs special attention.

Daily Digest Email

Receive an email when error impact increases

If some errors happen more frequently than usual, you want to know about it. With the error occurrence increase mail, you will get a heads-up when an error suddenly has a larger impact on your system.

Email on error impact increase


App Store

Integrate with online services like Slack and GitHub with a few mouse clicks. We support a range of native integrations through our App Store. Combined with the powers of Zapier, it is possible to integrate elmah.io with more than 5,000 services.

Check out the elmah.io App Store

Rule Engine

Use our advanced rule engine to integrate with other online services or execute actions when errors occur. Imagine getting a notification on Slack when critical errors start happening on your website. The possibilities with our rule engine are endless.

Creating Rules to Perform Actions on Messages


Extend elmah.io to your own needs using our API. Integrate logs into your custom tools or check out some of the cool integrations other people are doing.

API documentation

Slack Teams Zapier Trello Evernote MailChimp Jira SalesForce Basecamp Podio Zendesk Asana

Fixing Bugs

Issue Tracking

Utilize the built-in issue tracker to keep track of who's fixing what. Assign developers to error groups and mark an error as fixed to get a notification if it reoccur.

Dashboards and Issue Tracking

Inspect Source Code

When looking at stack traces, we often need to look at some code to understand what is going on. With the attached code feature, you can inspect your source code directly in the elmah.io UI. Stop wasting time launching Visual Studio and locating code from stack traces.

How to include source code in log messages

Quick Fixes and Stack Overflow

If you use quick fixes with Visual Studio and ReSharper, you know the concept already. Get help fixing common errors and links to relevant documentation, video tutorials, and online tools, to help you fix bugs fast. In addition, elmah.io's integration with Stack Overflow, will automatically do a search for an answer to any logged error. Our revolutionary algorithm matches all potential answers against a wide range of criteria and displays the best answer.

We don't just log your errors. We help you fix them!

User Tracking

Extended User Details

With the Extended User Details, you will be able to learn more about the users experiencing problems on your website. Using a profile photo and their real name, you are better prepared when contacting them directly from elmah.io.

Extended User Details

User Impact Statistics

When a user experiences a single error, it may not be a problem. When the same user keeps on finding bugs on your site, you can rest assured that the user will head on to your competitor. Get statistics about how impacted a user is by errors on your site.

Deployment Tracking

Deployment Tracking

Deployment tracking on elmah.io gives you better performance visibility of the different versions of your software products. Spot trends and help you avoid making the same mistakes over and over again.

Set Up Deployment Tracking


Notifying elmah.io about new releases of your software, is as simple as calling a REST endpoint. We even support Swagger, to allow integration from practically any programming language and framework.

API Documentation

Octopus Deploy

With the native support for Octopus Deploy, setting up deployment notification is only a few clicks away. We automatically extract common attributes like the version number and release notes.

Set up on Octopus

Azure DevOps

Already an Azure DevOps user? Why not notify elmah.io about new versions of your software. The version number, release note and responsible are automatically send to the elmah.io API.

Set up on Azure DevOps

Uptime Monitoring

With elmah.io's uptime checks, monitoring your endpoints is built into your favorite error management tool. Integrating error logs with uptime monitoring is extremely powerful, since you can reuse both notifications and quick fixes already available.


Where similar options ping from a single location only, Uptime Monitoring constantly tests your endpoints from 5 different locations. This ensure a notification as soon as your endpoint starts failing.

Better diagnostics

When integrating uptime monitoring and error logging, we provide you with both sides of the story. Armed with detailed error information, you will be able to fix bugs faster.

Extra goodies

Organization and User management

Manage your organization with individual user access and authorization levels to your logs. You control the level of access, making it possible for your co-workers or even external parties, to monitor company logs.

Managing Organizations and Users

Bot Detection

elmah.io will automatically analyze your log messages and mark errors generated by bots and crawlers with a special flag. Hide/ignore errors generated by bots or create search filters to improve overview of your logs.

Bot Detection

Goodie Bag

Business, Business+ and Enterprise customers on elmah.io get access to great discounts on popular tools like MyGet, OzCode and NHibernate Profiler.

Check out the elmah.io Goodie Bag


Make your accountant a happy camper with the invoicing feature. Invoices may not be a very sexy feature, but it is necessary to document how you spend the money in your business.


Mobile, tablet, desktop and up

Our dashboards are optimized to give a great overview of your application state. You can even use the Kiosk Mode to put the dashboard on a large flat screen.