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Using elmah.io to monitor invoicing SaaS platforms

Meet BPS Designs

BPS Designs is a web development company based in Lancashire in the UK. Our main speciality is creating online systems that multiple companies use to manage their own business. For example Risk Management, Customer Relationship Management and Swimming Club management systems.

We also develop websites for small to medium sized businesses along with offering services such as pay per click management, social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

Website: www.bpsdesigns.co.uk

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How does BPS Designs utilize elmah.io?

We had a chat with Ben Snape, Managing Director at BPS Designs. As for why BPS Designs picked elmah.io he says:

"In our SaaS platforms, we used to use the old open source library ELMAH that stored the exceptions in your own databases. That was great but it meant we had multiple instances of it across different systems so it was a little hard to manage.

We switched to elmah.io so that we could have all our exceptions go to the same place, making it much easier to manage and see the issues we needed to focus on more easily."

Ben Snape

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