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Meet Nexwork

We are your online agency for all your difficult online issues. Strategic, thoughtful and a little stubborn, that's how our clients describe us. Since 2000, we have been telling our clients' stories online. No long-winded communication but a proactive attitude and clear agreements. Together we achieve the best result for your organization!

We help our clients accomplish their online goals every day. We always view issues from a marketing communication perspective, the technology is used to achieve the goal. We work through various iterative processes, tailored to each individual project. We are proud to have helped clients like Vebego International, Provincie Limburg and Stichting BKR.

As an organization, you can contact Nexwork for a variety of online issues. We take on every challenge together with your team! For example, we develop complete online strategies, positioning statements and brand identities.




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How does Nexwork utilize

At Nexwork we use as a tool to keep track of our websites and their errors and downtime. It gives us a faster insight over the now numerous websites that would otherwise be much harder to check on. Now we have a better system to be alerted to errors that not necessarily result in a website going down.

This makes it easier for those who get the notifications to know if something is really wrong or if something needs improvement. With we can and are providing a better service for our client in a preventive way. This way we can ensure a better quality for all our clients and websites.

The support for is wonderful too. They will think with you for solutions and the product seems to be ever evolving.


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