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Cole Consulting, LLC is a software company that focuses on custom software, consulting, and IT training. The company is run by .NET and Azure expert Mike Cole.

Mike does everything from coding on the Microsoft stack to training other developers. He is a recurring conference speaker and helps several clients with .NET development.


Cole Consulting


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We had a chat with Mike Cole, the owner of Cole Consulting. As for why Mike picked he says:

"I am currently using with a few different clients. The pricing structure is very friendly to smaller companies as compared to the competitors. It's very easy to configure and has become an invaluable tool in my role supporting multiple systems, and the dashboard makes it simple to get the full story of everything at a glance.

I'm using it in Azure Functions as well as in ASP.NET Web API, MVC, and WebForms projects, and it could not have been easier to set up in each case. I'm looking forward to using it in future JavaScript projects."

Mike Cole

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