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What is Cloud Logging?

In the recent years, outsourcing common features like authentication, payment and logging have gained a lot of traction. With Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud hosting like Azure, more and more companies trust Cloud providers to implement features previously handled inside the company.

Cloud Logging is the practice of sending out log statements to the Cloud. Setting up a SQL Server or similar may sound like a small task, but handling large amounts of data and making them searchable definitely is not. To help companies overcome the challenges of storing log data, a lot of startups have seen the light of day.

When evaluating Cloud Logging providers, it's important to understand the difference between the various options. While some providers focus on storing and indexing massive amounts of log messages, others (like us) implement features on top of the data, providing systems generating dashboards, allowing error management and more.

Some of the many benefits of Cloud logging:

  • Outsource hosting to someone else
  • Use the Cloud to scale
  • Combine log messages from many sources
  • Fast indexing and searching logs
  • Don't need to implement error management features yourself and Cloud Logging

When we started, the idea was to create an awesome Cloud logging experience able to scale to a very large number of log messages. The idea was to create a product able to deliver the same great performance, no matter if you have 10 or 10,000,000 log messages. was born in the Cloud. The founder of the company, has been using both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for years. originally started as an error log implementation for the open source framework ELMAH (hence the name ''). Years later, the number of frameworks supported, as well as the features set, have been heavily improved. While building a great experience for logging uncaught errors through ELMAH is still a key focus for us, logging other types of log levels is fully supported.

We support a wide array of logging options for .NET applications. log4net, NLog, Serilog and Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. These are all popular choices among developers and all of them are supported through native integrations with Pretty much all .NET frameworks support ELMAH, which is why our ELMAH integration will automatically log all uncaught errors in your web applications.

Finally, we build and maintain several integrations for popular .NET blogs and content management systems. Umbraco, Sitefinity and are supported natively and we are currently working with other companies to make the best choice for adding Cloud logging and error management for CMS and Blogs.

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