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Using to slice and dice their log data

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Our music moves people, product, price point, perception and purchase. Our services enable businesses to create custom digital experiences across multiple devices and promote their brands using the universal power of music. We provide white label music solutions that bring brands, music and listeners together - curating the moments in which music drives action.

Our customers are retailers, CPGs, agencies, and record companies who seek to retain control of their brand and their consumer data - while providing their target audiences with a world-class music discovery and consumption experience. From downloads and personal lockers to on-demand streaming apps, from API services to hosted sites, from merchandising to licensing and reporting, we serve as a one-stop-music-shop for Fortune 500 companies, artists, and start-ups.

Neurotic Media

How does Neurotic Media utilize

Neurotic Media's CTO, David Strickland, has used the open source ELMAH for a decade. He thinks it's a great standard for handling errors, but a pain to set up the DB logger. Neurotic Media constantly needed to allocate time to maintain a SQL database and still only had the possibility to search for errors through SQL statements.

After switching to, David found it much simpler and incredible easy to integrate error logging into their new and existing projects. When asking David about other benefits, he mentioned both the stability of, as well as the incredible UI. Going from a simple list of errors using ELMAH to the full-text search capabilities of, has provided a way for David and his team to slice and dice the data as an analytics server.

Neurotic Media now sees as an invaluable tool to providing a high-quality product at

Neurotic Media

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