Collecting log data from servers spread all around Europe

Meet Noor

Noor is a modern Swedish company with great ambitions. Noor was founded in 2015 and is located in four locations in Sweden. The company has two directions - Noor Digital Agency and Noor Jobs.

Noor Digital Agency is an agency focused on SEO and digital advertising. Most customers are located in Sweden, but some have operations in Finland, Norway, and Germany.

Noor Jobs is a startup and owner of the job site, The site has thousands of vacancies and is one of the most modern job sites in Sweden. Here you can apply for a job without a CV and personal letter. The goal of Noor Jobs/ is to gather all jobs in one place where you can search for jobs with just one click.




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How does Noor utilize

Noor develops different types of systems, from websites to complicated system services. Examples of these services are which is the company's website, and which is an advanced service point for helping professions to find their ideal jobs very conveniently. These systems run on servers that are located all around Europe.

To be able to monitor all these systems and make sure everything is working as expected, Noor had to look into separate logs, in different places, and find the correct piece of information, which was not very easy. We had a chat with Rojan Gharibpour, a lead developer at Noor, on how helped solved these challenges:

"Since we started using, finding the errors and spotting where exactly they are coming from is just a few clicks away. This has helped us enhance our workflow a lot."

When asked about the greatest benefit of, Rojan continues:

"My favorite thing about is that it's a cloud-based service that makes it highly accessible which is my main concern while finding the right tool."

Rojan Gharibpour

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