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Welcome to elmah.io

Welcome to elmah.io. You probably ended up on this page while searching for differences between elmah.io and similar products. Or maybe you are in the process of finding the best Error Monitoring solution for your websites and services. To help you in this process we have created these pages to highlight some of the commonly used alternatives to elmah.io and what differentiates elmah.io from each of them.

A quick disclaimer before we start digging into the details. We have all seen these types of pages which exist only to highlight all of the downsides of alternative products. While we would like you to pick elmah.io for your error monitoring needs, we don't want users signing up with the wrong expectations. Disappointed users quickly churn and tell their friends how elmah.io didn't meet their needs. These pages are our attempt to paint an honest picture of both elmah.io's upsides and downsides compared to the alternatives. With that out of the way, Let's get started!

Other players

Let's start by looking at some of the major products trying to solve the same challenges as elmah.io. These are all products that we have heard some of our existing users have switched from to elmah.io or the other way around.

elmah.io Airbrake Raygun Rollbar Sentry Stackify
Error Logging
New error detection
Clientside error logging
Deployment tracking
Uptime monitoring
Anomaly Detection (ML)
Performance Monitoring
Price/mo $19 - $299 $19 - $799 $60 - $600 $0(ish) - $3.149 $29 - $4.434 $80 - $561


Why isn't elmah.io free?

Like most of the alternatives, we offer a free trial. You can sign up and try out elmah.io without ever needing to input a credit card. We believe that software should be something you pay for. On the list above, elmah.io is the only bootstrapped company. This means that the funding we get is when people sign up and pay for elmah.io. This gives us the best control over the direction we want to go and we don't have any investors to constantly keep happy by increasing prices or milking customers for more money.

We have decided to become the best error logging and uptime monitoring service for Microsoft .NET developers. This means that we focus on Microsoft's stack only. By focusing on .NET on the server and JavaScript on the client only, we can keep our focus on making the deepest integration into this ecosystem out there. Where most of the alternatives offer a simple .NET client and let you do the actual integration, we have native integrations with all major .NET web and logging frameworks. In other words, if you need to monitor a backend in Go or Java, elmah.io is not the best choice for you.

While we have great support for cloud-based error logging and monitoring we don't offer any application performance monitoring (APM) tools. This may change at some point, but for now, we have focused our time on error logging, uptime monitoring, deployment tracking, and heartbeats monitoring. We believe in picking the best tool for the job. elmah.io works together with all major APM tools out there, making it possible to use elmah.io's powerful platform for error monitoring and something else for APM.

ELMAH stands for Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET and is the original and very successful open source project for logging errors from .NET web applications. elmah.io is a cloud service offering logging to the cloud from every web framework already supporting ELMAH. More details here: ELMAH and elmah.io differences.

No. A group of talented developers are maintaining and doing new development of ELMAH. elmah.io is maintained by us, though we love to help out on the ELMAH framework as well. Lucky for us, the maintainers behind ELMAH have been kind enough to send us multiple pull requests on the parts of elmah.io which are open source.

Yes and no. The persistence part and the elmah.io website are not open source. We open sourced a couple of the components we have written in order to make elmah.io work, as well as our NuGet packages for logging errors to elmah.io.

A lot of the internals of elmah.io are based on open source and we love making contributions to other projects.

Here's what our customers say

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our users have to say about elmah.io:

"elmah.io's visuals and robust metrics give us invaluable insight into the general health of our systems"

Armando Monzon

Director of Software Development at ONEIL
Armando Monzon

"The ease of use is nuts. In under 10 minutes, I switched my logging from file to elmah.io. This is going to be a game-changer."

Mitchel Sellers

Microsoft MVP
Mitchel Sellers

"elmah.io has enabled quicker and more accurate fixes and ultimately better customer service."

Paul Johnson

Managing Director at Insurance Data Solutions
Paul Johnson

"If you would take elmah.io away from our business now, it would be like chopping off an arm. Great product guys!"

Matt Ross

CEO at Tronik
Matt Ross
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