Using elmah.io for everything from .NET Core to Sitefinity projects

Meet ZimplerConsulting

ZimplerConsulting was founded in 2011 (by that time known as Konstrui) by Daniel Plomp. While still officially a one-man company, we’ve worked on a lot of projects together with some very talented freelancers.

We are a company that is active in (web) development based on the Microsoft stack, but we are specialized in developing websites using the Sitefinity platform from Progress Software, Orchard CMS from the Microsoft .NET Foundation and Statamic CMS (Laravel/PHP) from Wilderborn LLC.

Besides consultancy that we offer to our worldwide customers, we offer onsite Sitefinity training for developers, content editors and marketeers and soon also online courses.

Website: www.zimplerconsulting.com | www.zimplerapps.com



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How does ZimplerConsulting utilize elmah.io?

Daniel Plomp is a software developer/architect that started early on with .NET 1.0 and ASP.NET. He created dozens of .NET websites, built in both WebForms and MVC. Many projects have gone by and currently, he is busy with supporting and architecting on a big Sitefinity website in The Netherlands and two smaller projects on ASP.NET Core 3.x. Here are some words from Daniel:

"Using elmah.io is really easy. The implementation went smooth. I use both Microsoft.Extensions.Logging in my .NET Core project and Serilog for my Sitefinity projects. It is really easy to set up and configure and it always works! Besides that, the support I had was quick and responsive. It is also useful to add some extra users to my account so that they can monitor their own websites if needed.

The question is do you want to pay for a system like this if you also can configure it yourself? For me, I don’t want to spend time on things like this. The functionality is great, it offers much more than default logging frameworks and it works just as it should. The integration with existing logging frameworks as well as other systems for notifications etc. is great. Well worth the investment!"


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