App Store & Integrations

Integrate with the tools you already use and love

Integrate and Slack

Publish all new errors to a Slack channel of your choice. Instant notifications combined with popular actions like deleting or marking errors as fixed.

Integrate and GitHub

Automatically create errors from on GitHub. Why spend time maintaining two systems, when you can have do the job for you.

Integrate and GitLab

GitLab is a web-based Git repository manager with wiki and issue tracking features. With this integration, new issues are created in GitLab when new errors are logged.

Integrate and Azure Pipelines

With the Azure Pipelines (previously VSTS) integration, notifying about your releases is point and click. Monitor which release introduced new bugs.

Integrate and Octopus Deploy

Notify when new releases are published through Octopus Deploy. Adding the integration is as simple as adding a new step to your deployment process.

Integrate and Bitbucket integrates with Bitbucket in two ways. You can automatically create Bitbucket issues on new errors and we support deployment tracking from Bitbucket Pipelines.

Integrate and Jira

Create a bug on Jira when new errors are logged on This app only supports Cloud-hosted Jira. To integrate with a self-hosted instance, please contact us.

Integrate and YouTrack

YouTrack is a great issue tracker by Jetbrains. With this integration, new errors are automatically created as bugs in your YouTrack InCloud instance.

Integrate and Visual Studio

Browse your error logs from within Visual Studio. is the only error management solution that integrates directly into your development environment.

Integrate and Microsoft Teams

Notify you and your mates on Microsoft Teams when new errors are stored in your logs.

Integrate and Azure Boards

Automatically create work items on Azure Boards, when new errors are logged on

Integrate and Twilio

Get Text/SMS messages on your phone when new errors are logged to your logs. To keep prices low for everyone, this app requires a Twilio account.

Integrate and PagerDuty

Integrate one or more logs with PagerDuty to get real-time notifications. PagerDuty offer a range of notification methods like phone call and emails.

Integrate and Trello

Automatically create a Trello card on a list of your choice when new errors are logged in your logs.

Integrate and Bamboo

Monitoring your deployments from Atlassian Bamboo is easy using our two step integration from Deployment Tracking.

Integrate and ClickUp

Integrate with ClickUp to automatically create tasks in ClickUp when new errors are logged on

Integrate and ChatGPT

Integrate with ChatGPT to get AI-assisted help fixing error from within the UI.

Ignore errors generated by bots

BotBuster automatically ignores errors generated by a long list of bots, crawlers, spiders and more. Why look at errors generated by machines, when you could be helping real users.

Integrate and Zapier

Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps. Zaps are automations created using Triggers and Actions. You can use Zaps to connect any two Zapier-supported apps to each other.

Integrate and Pipedream

Pipedream integrates online systems without any need for coding. Use our Pipedream trigger to automatically execute actions when new errors are logged on

Ignore errors from one or more IP addresses

Automatically ignore errors generated by one or more IP addresses. Ignore your own IP, a range of bot addresses or even errors coming from localhost.

Send an email on new errors

Send a mail to an email address of your choice when errors are logged to your log. Only new errors trigger the app to avoid flooding your inbox.

Make a HTTP request on new errors

Integrate with every service providing an API using HTTP rules.

Integrate and ASP.NET / MVC / Web API

Automatically send errors from ASP.NET / MVC / Web API or any other web framework built on top of ASP.NET.

Integrate and ASP.NET Core

Automatically send errors from ASP.NET Core. Both error logging middleware and integration for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging are supported.

Integrate and log4net

Send log messages to through our integration with log4net. Simply configure the appender and we'll do the rest.

Integrate and NLog

Our target for NLog automatically sends errors logged through NLog to

Integrate and Serilog

The sink for Serilog, sends all errors logged through Serilog to We even support structured log messages.

Integrate and Logary

F# users need as well. Our integration with Logary automatically sends all errors logged through Logary to

Integrate and Umbraco

As the only cloud logger, we support Umbraco through a native integration. Log all uncaught exceptions and integrate into the Umbraco core.

Integrate and PoShLog

Log errors from PowerShell with PoShLog and PoShLog builds on top of Serilog to bring structured logging into PowerShell scripts.