Using elmah.io to catch issues before hitting production

Meet eBookFairs

eBookFairs is all about helping authors and publishers grow their reach and sell more books through the use of online book fairs. We go to great lengths to support our authors and to encourage our community to work together to promote each other's books.

We offer authors a set of tools that are powered by AI. For example, a book cover analysis tool that will grade your book cover and help you know when you have that right. A tool that helps with naming characters that take details about a character and leverages ChatGPT to find appropriate names for the characteristics provided. We have a book blurb generator that helps authors generate industry best practice book descriptions to use on Amazon and other online bookstores. Authors can provide readers with advanced review copies (ARC) so they can get feedback and collect reviews for their books.

Our services help authors achieve their goals and advance their writing careers.

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How does eBookFairs utilize elmah.io?

We use elmah.io in all of our environments. By having elmah.io on in our development and staging systems we can catch issues that before could have crept into production. We also heavily utilize email alerts and take action on all of them. What is wonderful about elmah.io is we can often fix issues well before users report them. That's a complete game changer from our perspective and makes for a much better user experience for our authors.

elmah.io is super easy to install and get running. Within the first 24 hours of having elmah.io installed, we fixed dozens of errors that before we never even knew existed. These errors were bogging down our servers and were incredibly simple fixes. elmah.io helps you pinpoint your problems and through the alerts, address them faster.


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