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P&RO Solutions has a broad base of industry experience. Our hands-on approach to change-management is innovative and proven effective. We work with corporate leadership, support organizations, and facility personnel, to deliver a tightly coordinated and results- oriented intervention.

P&RO Solutions can help bring about a significant transformation in the efficiency & effectiveness of plant management teams and their workforces. Improvements in performance & reliability – often dramatic – are a certain outcome. And of course, notable improvement can be seen in the bottom line as well.

One of their top products is PaSTA (Planning and Scheduling Tool Assistant). PaSTA is the unrivaled solution to cumbersome work management software. Its elegant design and functionality is a welcome relief for those who have struggled with the stiff and unfriendly interfaces of competing tools.

Website: PaSTAsmart.com

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How does P&RO Solutions utilize elmah.io?

Senior .NET Developer Angela Rogers has been using the open source ELMAH for ASP.NET web application error tracking for about 7 years. When looking for a cloud-based solution to integrate with a new .NET Core website, it was an easy choice for her to make.

"My favorite thing about elmah.io is that it is amazingly easy to implement. You put in a few lines of code and it just works. Documentation is great and support is responsive. What more can you ask for?"

P&RO Solutions was looking for a good way to be notified when any of their systems were down. By combining .NET Core Health Checks with elmah.io, they are immediately notified if any of their Windows services are not running, if configured database queries fail, or any configured endpoints are not responding. elmah.io has provided a way for them to be aware of problems before their customer are.

Angela Rogers

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