Using to monitor new code rollouts to AWS

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myStaffSchedule (MSS) is the company behind a general staff holistic scheduling system, tuned for the medical industry; however, it could be used for policemen, firemen, airport workers, and the like. It has many integrated features which are selectable by the scheduler: Requests, vacation selections, repeating schedules, validation rules, & automated rules. All these features seamlessly work with the scheduling function. At its core, MSS is designed to be simple and intuitive. Schedulers have complete control of feature selection and users.

MSS helps their customers save time and organizes their group's scheduling. Their product simplifies the scheduling process with many configurable options for any group's needs.







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The creator of myStaffSchedule, Ricky Niedermeier, has been a long-time user of ELMAH and recently switched to We have a chat with him to learn more about how he uses in his business:

"I have been using ELMAH for a decade and recently moved my application to AWS. offers cloud scalable and elastic services and a simple-to-use dashboard for all exception handling with the capability to easily drill down and view specific errors. is easily integrated into all of my production sites. I receive nightly emails with high-level summary information about all of my sites. It's great for managing new code rollouts and new bugs that crop up. also has a neat way to tag production versions so that you can compare different versions easily."

Ricky Niedermeier

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