Best in class crash management for ASP.NET Core

Error Monitoring

With, monitoring your ASP.NET Core application requires no more than a few lines of configuration. We automatically pick up all errors on your website and log them to a log on

Errors are decorated with a lot of contextual information to help you to fix each error. Server variables, cookies, and form values can play an essential part in debugging why an error is happening. Using our well-documented NuGet package for ASP.NET Core, appending custom variables is a piece of cake.

Using rules and apps available on, ignoring errors generated by bots, or notifying your team on Slack or Microsoft Teams are easily added using a few mouse clicks.

Health Checks and Uptime Monitoring

ASP.NET Core introduced the new concept of health checks. Using health checks, your application continuously verifies its own state by executing a set of predefined rules. With the integration for ASP.NET Core Health Checks, failing health checks are automatically logged as failing heartbeats on

With Uptime Monitoring, you are notified as soon as your application starts failing. By combining Uptime Monitoring with ASP.NET Core Health Checks, you are told exactly why your endpoints are failing. You won't believe the difference in time-to-fix when going from "Your website failed with a status code of 500" to "Your website failed because it couldn't connect to the database".

Structured Logging

Logging uncaught exceptions is one thing. What about all of the log statements that developers need to add today? With our integration with Microsoft.Extensions.Logging, you can log everything from verbose to fatal messages from ASP.NET Core.

Since messages logged through Microsoft.Extensions.Logging goes in the same error log as uncaught errors, existing rules and notifications just work.

The integration for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging supports structured logging. If you ever tried scrolling through file-based log files, you know how important being able to separate and search by properties can be. vs. ElmahCore

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Error Logging
New error detection
Error grouping
Issue tracking
Clientside error logging
Slack/Microsoft Teams/etc.
Deployment tracking
Uptime monitoring
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