Integrate with Teams

Instant notifications when your website starts failing

Instant Notifications

Using our native app for Microsoft Teams, integrating with Teams, requires no more than a few clicks with the mouse. Notify your team instantly, when new errors are logged on and resolve new bugs faster.

Each message sent to Teams contains enough data for you to be able to find out what is going on, without even having to visit Essential properties like the error message, the URL causing the error and the stack trace are shown directly inside Teams.

Smart Actions

Once a new error is shown in your channel, someone from your team probably want to do something about that error. We've extracted common actions from the interface and put them directly into Teams.

Already fixed the bug? Mark it as fixed. Ignore future instances of this error? Mark it as ignore. These are just a few examples of actions available directly on each new error show by our integration. Executing actions directly from the Microsoft Teams, minimizes the time you need to use for managing errors. Time you can use to produce value for your customers.

Available in the Store

We have seen a lot of products out there that "integrates with Teams". Integrates in quotes, since the integration forces you to set up API calls, manage API keys, etc. When we say Integrate, we mean it. is available directly in the Microsoft Teams Store. With a few clicks of a button, automatically send messages to a Teams channel of your choice.

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