Serilog and Serilog goes hand in hand!

Serilog in the Cloud

The sink for Serilog is like Serilog itself, built with support for structured log data in mind. Where other sinks simply store a dumb log message, we respect the template and preserve the properties. Logging messages through Serilog to the cloud has never been easier.

Search Your Log

Like any other message logged to, everything is searchable through the UI. We even support searching by property names specified inside Serilog messages. How would you like to group errors by user in your current text-based log files? In that is possible using a single mouse-click. Full-text search and advanced search filters make it possible to use as an issue tracker. The huge benefit is that Serilog will automatically fill your issue tracker with bugs, rather than relying on your test team or, in worst case, your users to report bugs.


One of many nice features of Serilog, is the option of enriching log messages with contextual information. Enrichers are fully supported by the sink and the enriched data can be made searchable. Structured properties embedded inside Serilog log messages, are automatically extracted and placed inside the right fields on Having log messages as documents rather than concatenated lines of text, open a whole new window to your log messages.

Fully Documented

Not an expert in Serilog? No worries, fully documented and Serilog are available through NuGet. We even provide you with sample code to get up and running. Everything from simple console applications to moderne web applications with ASP.NET Core is supported.

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