Uptime Monitoring

Minimize downtime with awesome diagnostics

Uptime Monitoring

With elmah.io Uptime Monitoring, logging and fixing uptime errors is built into your favorite error management tool. Integrating serverside error logging with uptime monitoring is extremely powerful, resulting in richer error reports and better possibilities of re-use. Tools helping you minimize downtime for your users.

Two perspectives fix downtime faster

All uptime services request your endpoints from one or more locations. When an endpoint starts failing, the service will notify you and provide your team with the error details as observed from the probing client. While that may be sufficient in some cases, imagine the strength in having detailed information from both the client and the server. elmah.io does exactly that.

We already log all errors happening on your server, including detailed information about the thrown exception, the HTTP context, and more. The combination of both the client and server perspectives will help you fix uptime errors faster. elmah.io is the only service able to provide this optimized workflow for investigating downtime, by integrating Error Management and Uptime Monitoring.

Root cause analysis

When your website is down, you need the best tools to help you fix errors quickly. Downtime can be caused by a lot of issues, why a message telling you that things stopped working, simply isn't enough.

Uptime Monitoring combines the client/server error with helpful Quick Fixes, known from elmah.io Error Management. Quick Fixes help you identify solutions to common problems like expired SSL certificates.

All uptime errors are shipped through our advanced diagnostics engine that, besides logging all details, runs a set of checks to help you identify the root cause. Common errors like DNS misconfiguration are quickly identified and made visible on the Root Cause window.


Ping your endpoints every 5 minutes from up to 5 different locations.

Instant Notifications

Notifications through email, Slack, etc. Existing notification rules just work.

SSL Expiration

Warnings on SSL certificate expiration. You'll never forget to renew again.

Domain Expiration

Reminders to renew your domain name. Competitors won't capture your domain.


Follow the history of your Lighthouse score. Never let best practices slide.

Notifications just work

Getting notified when your sites start failing, is key to fixing uptime errors fast. With Uptime Monitoring, downtime is logged in your existing error logs. This means that you don't need to spend precious time setting up notification rules in multiple systems. All of your existing notification rules and apps are optimized to work with uptime errors as well.

The range of emails as well as the integrations to popular messaging systems like Slack and Microsoft Teams, ensure instant notifications to your team. Notification integrations provide enough information in the message itself, that you don't even need to visit elmah.io. For the full details, navigating from your favorite instant messaging tool to elmah.io is a single click.

True multi-region

If your websites are available throughout the world, making sure that every region works is essential. With Uptime Monitoring, your sites are automatically requested every 5 minutes from up to 5 configurable locations.

Requesting from a single location to save CPU cycles, is a popular choice among Uptime Monitoring services out there. The downside to this approach is, that the service needs a second opinion when an endpoint starts failing. A process that postpones the end result of telling you that your site is down.

With elmah.io Uptime Monitoring, you get instant feedback when your endpoint fails in one or more regions. You even have the freedom to configure which regions to use as well as the allowed timeout for even faster notifications.

More than just uptime

elmah.io Uptime Monitoring is not just about verifying if your endpoints return a response. We offer a range of checks and best practices built on top of our uptime robot. Read on to learn about how Uptime Monitoring can also help you implement best practices, improve the performance of your websites, and increase SEO.

While pinging your website, we also validate the domain name and any SSL certificate installed on the server. If either is about to expire or already has, we store an error in your error log to help you take action. Never lose a domain name or have your customers tell you about a misconfigured or expired SSL certificate again.

Creating fast responses that make Google and Bing happy is more important than ever. Each uptime check will collect performance, SEO, and additional quality scores from Google Lighthouse. Best practices on how to improve security on your website are automatically fetched from the industry-standard SSL Server Test provided by Qualys SSL Labs. But we don't stop there. Having built websites for more than 20 years, we have developed our own set of canonical checks that will help you set up correct redirect rules and meta tags on your website.

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