NLog and NLog goes hand in hand!

NLog in the Cloud

The target for NLog have been built from the ground up. The code is open source and officially supported by the team. With the NLog target, logging through NLog to the cloud has never been easier. Add a bit of XML configuration and all log messages are synced with's powerful infrastructure hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Structured Logging

Already using NLog Event Properties and structured logging? Both are extracted before sending off to and threated as custom properties with all of the benefits that come with that feature. Search log messages generated by a specific user or by the server causing errors. The possibilities are endless.

Search Your NLog

Like any other message logged to, everything is searchable through the UI. We even support searching by event property names. We automatically map the information given by NLog to individual fields on By using full-text search and search filters, you can execute advanced searches in millions of log messages in just a few milliseconds.

Fully Documented

Not an expert in NLog configuration? No worries, fully documented and NLog are available through NuGet. We even provide you with sample code to get up and running. How you want to configure NLog is up to you. We support both configuration through app/web.config and nlog.config. By utilizing NLog's layout renderers, you can even share configuration between NLog and other integrations.

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