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Getting notifications when errors start happening on your website, is an essential part of any mature error management strategy. We support a wide range of notifications options, which satisfies everyone from the developers who will fix the bugs to the CTO wanting an overview of the quality of each application.

Emails on new errors

Get an email every time a new error is registered. Knowing about recently introduced errors, is an essential part of any development process. With the New Error email, you will receive all of the information needed to start debug, directly in your inbox. The email provides details like the message of the error and where it happened.

Every member of your team will have the chance to subscribe to the New Error email. If you have a dedicated person handling all of the errors, he/she can either subscribe through the email settings or install the Mailman app (Business, Business+ and Enterprise only). With the Mailman app, you can even notify people outside your development team.

Systems not already supported through our App Store, can be integrated using the Mailman app as well. Widely adopted systems like Jira and YouTrack can automatically create issues from emails.

Notifications on Slack and Microsoft Teams

Chances are that you don’t just rely on emails for your team communication. Real-time messaging systems like Slack and Microsoft Teams have gained major traction during the last few years. supports a wide range of instant messaging tools through our App Store.

Setting up an integration to one of the support systems takes nothing more than a couple of mouse clicks. We support Slack and Microsoft Teams natively. Using our Zapier app, integrating with more than 2,000 online services, can be configured using Zaps.

Daily digest email

Subscribe to our Daily Digest email to get a daily overview of the log activity in the last 24 hours. The Daily Digest email is a great way for you to keep up, without having to log into constantly. The email contains a graph showing the activity per hour, as well as a list of both critical and frequent errors.

While the Daily Digest email offers a great overview of the errors happening on your site, being able to dig down into the details is important for developers to debug errors. Most information within the Daily Digest email is clickable and sends you directly to the error details within the UI.

Whether you are a developer on the team or the company CTO, the Daily Digest email is the perfect chance for monitoring the quality of your websites, without logging into

Spike detection and notifications

Having to wait for worst-case 24 hours to react to errors isn't optimal in most cases. When features start to break down, you need to put your developers on the problem straight away. Even though you get a notification about new errors on mail, Slack, or another channel of choice, you don't know the severity of the error. An error happening a single time for a single customer may or may not be critical. An error happening over and over again is.

With the Error Impact mail, you will receive an email when errors happen more frequently than usual. For customers with Anomaly Detection, we use machine learning to store spikes in your logs. Storing spikes as errors will notify you through integrations like Slack and Teams. will help you identify spikes as soon as they happen, giving you the chance to fix errors before they become a huge problem.

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