elmah.io and log4net goes hand in hand!

log4net in the Cloud

The elmah.io appender for log4net has been built from the ground up. No cheating using the RemotingAppender to show simple unstructured log messages. This is the real deal! With log4net and elmah.io, all of your log messages go directly to the cloud.

Having log messages, logged through log4net, in the cloud makes it searchable. If you ever tried logging into a remote server and searching through GBs of file-based log messages, you will love log4net with elmah.io.

Structured Logging

By integrating log4net with our API, we make sure that structured data like level, message, and username are kept as individual properties making it searchable on elmah.io. Log messages logged through log4net are on its own not structured data as you know it from similar log frameworks. But with elmah.io's appender for log4net, we extract properties directly from your log message properties. elmah.io takes your log4net logging to the next level by filling in the blanks.

Think of being able to do the following with your current log files:

  • Group your log messages by their environment.
  • Search for 'some username' in GBs of log messages.
  • Send me an email when a System.NullReferenceException is logged.

Custom Properties

Already using log4net Context Properties? Context is extracted before sending off to elmah.io and treated as custom properties with all of the benefits that come with that feature. By logging contextual properties as individual fields, you can perform complex tasks, which is never possible using a log file.

Fully Documented

Not an expert in log4net configuration? No worries, fully documented elmah.io and log4net are available through NuGet. We even provide you with sample code to get up and running. To get a quick demo of the log4net integration for elmah.io, take a quick peek at the video below.

Let's face it, log4net hasn't been the best-documented logging framework out there. We want to help you get started quickly and provide you with help as our log4net Tutorial.

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