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Crash monitoring of your Xamarin apps

Are you relying on your users to tell you when your app crashes? Stay tuned to learn how elmah.io can help you to monitor your Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms-based mobile applications.

elmah.io for Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms is currently in prerelease.

Logging crashes from Xamarin

Ever wanted to monitor when your Xamarin or Xamarin.Forms app crashes? With elmah.io's integration with Xamarin, the user's device will log a message to elmah.io when your app throws an exception. All log messages are enriched with detailed information about both the error happening and metadata about the device itself.

We know you don't want uncaught exceptions to happen on your user's device. And while we automatically log if it happens, you want to be able to log errors to elmah.io manually. With the logging API provided as part of our Xamarin integration, logging exceptions manually requires nothing more than a single line of code.

Device Insights

With Device Insights for Xamarin, we provide you with the perfect overview of which devices causes errors. See a correlated image of the device causing the error including the screen resolution directly on the error details page.

With unique user agents for each combination of OS and version, searching for both all mobile errors as well as OS and version-specific errors is possible through the elmah.io UI

Device Insights

Notifications and issue trackers

Getting notified when your apps start crashing is as important as when a server fails. With elmah.io's uniqueness algorithm, we make sure not to notify you of every crash but only when new errors are introduced. If you are already using elmah.io to log server-side errors, all you need to do and is lean back and start monitoring your systems. Your existing integrations and apps work with Xamarin too.

elmah.io supports a long list of notification methods, apps, and issue tracker integrations. You can mix and match everything from receiving emails, over collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, to creating issues on GitHub or getting text messages using Twilio or PagerDuty. The choice is yours.

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