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Umbraco logs in the Cloud automatically logs all uncaught exceptions on your on-premise, Umbraco Cloud, and Umbraco Uno installation. Sleep well at night knowing that we got you back when something goes wrong. When Umbraco starts logging errors in we provide you with detailed information about the failing requests like the server variables and form post values.

Using the App Store, getting notifications on Slack or Microsoft Teams requires only a few mouse clicks. Using an issue tracker? integrates with a range of options like Jira and GitHub. Why not have create issues when new errors are introduced?

log4net/Serilog Integrations

With's Serilog sink, not only uncaught exceptions get logged to Everything happening inside Umbraco gets indexed and made searchable through the UI. We support both the bundled log4net in Umbraco 7 as well as Serilog in Umbraco 8 and newer.

When needing to debug an error happening in production, having the trace of what happened inside Umbraco will make it faster and a lot easier to figure out what went wrong. Reducing the time before your website is back in an operational state and free your developers to create customer value.

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Quick Fixes is the only Error Management system that provides quick-fixes, developed especially for Umbraco. Search Our directly from errors logged in With you have the perfect overview of your Umbraco installation.

But wait, there's more. We analyzed thousands of Umbraco errors and found a set of common log messages in Umbraco. With this set of data, we provide you with links to the best and most relevant help articles from the Umbraco documentation and Our.

Uptime Monitoring & Heartbeats

Logging errors is one aspect of securing a well-working website. But it doesn't solve everything. You also need to make sure that users can reach your website and maybe even from different parts of the world.

With Uptime Monitoring, we ping your Umbraco sites from up to 5 different regions every 5 minutes. If your site is not accessible, an error is logged in your error log. This will trigger all of the notification rules and app integrations already configured on your account. Heartbeats is a feature to monitor the internal state of your website that is not visible from the public web. The package for Umbraco support native integration between Umbraco's health check feature and Heartbeats. Publish health checks directly to and get a notification as soon as one or more features inside Umbraco starts complaining.

Get started with is the easy error logging and uptime monitoring service for .NET. Take back control of your errors with support for all .NET web and logging frameworks.
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