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Issue Tracking Made Simple

With's built-in issue tracker, assigning and managing bugs are available in the same tool that already stores the bugs. By assigning each unique error to a developer on your team, each team member can pull a list of bugs to work on. Once fixed, merely mark the error group as fixed. If the error re-occurs, a new notification is sent through email, instant messenger or another channel of your choice.

Using our search filters built for issue tracking, filtering errors by the assigned person is available utilizing a dropdown of the developers already configured on each log. By combining error logging with issue tracking, you don't need to configure users and access in multiple systems. Once your organization has been set up, users added and log access configured, issue tracking builts on top of that model.

Automatic Assignment offers intelligent error grouping which means that unique errors are bundled in the same error group. Once you have assigned a developer to an error, all instances within the error group are automatically assigned the same developer. Once a responsible have been put on an error group, automatically identifies the responsible for similar errors logged in the future.

As a developer, you can see both your assigned error groups, as well as the individual errors within each group. Where other tools try to save storage space by incrementing a counter, we log every little detail every time we receive an error. Having multiple instances can be an essential part of debugging where an error occurred.

Business Rules

You may already know the powerful rule engine bundled with What you may not know is that rules work with issue tracking as well. Some developers might want an email when errors are logged while others want a notification on Microsoft Teams. With Business Rules, actions based on the assigned developer can be easily achieved using Lucene Query Syntax.

External Issue Trackers's issue tracker isn't designed as a replacement for Jira, YouTrack, etc. For quickly bug assignment and for getting an overview of open errors, is a great choice. But for managing manually created bugs, features, user-requests, and more you probably want one of the established options out there.

Using the AppStore, you can integrate with external issue trackers like GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Jira, YouTrack, and Azure DevOps. Once installed, automatically creates a new issue in the configured issue tracker when new errors are identified. With both the built-in issue tracker and integrations available, we support the processes already implemented in your company.

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