elmah.io and Logary goes hand in hand!

Logary in the Cloud

The elmah.io target for Logary have been built from the ground up using F# as Logary itself. This is the only (and best :) Cloud-based Error Management system available for F#. Send your log messages through Logary to elmah.io to make it searchable. Install apps and integrations to get notifications through Slack, Microsoft Teams, and similar when new errors are introduced.

Structured Logging

By integrating Logary with our API, we make sure that structured data is kept as individual properties on elmah.io. Semantic logging frameworks and elmah.io are a great match. By marking properties as searchable, finding errors logged from a specific user or server requires nothing more than a simple query on the elmah.io UI.

Fully Documented

Not an expert in Logary configuration or F#? No worries, fully documented elmah.io and Logary are available through NuGet. We even provide you with sample code to get up and running. The documentation covers both C# and F#.

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