Deployment Tracking

Release new software with confidence

Deployment Tracking

Deployment Tracking lets you release new versions of your software, without having to worry if you've introduced a new bug. With's intelligent deployment dashboards, newly introduced errors will show up in seconds. The source control integration will show you the exact commit causing a new error.

Deployment monitoring for DevOps engineers

Recent agile processes like Scrum and Kanban allow development teams to release often. With frequent releases comes great responsibilities, but also a lot of benefits. Monitoring your software should be an essential part of any serious deployment and release process.

With Deployment Tracking, we give you a perfect overview of the different versions of your software. When releasing a new version to production, you notify either manually or through one of our integrations for popular deployment software. The deployment tracking feature instantly starts collecting metrics about how your new release is performing.

Spot errors as they are introduced

We all have known bugs and we don't necessarily want to fix all bugs before releasing a new version. Especially not if we are running continuous deployment or similar release processes. Being able to determine if a release is causing new errors or just logs previously known bugs, is one of the great benefits of Deployment Tracking.

The New error metric shows how many errors that each release introduced. Watching a list of errors is available by clicking the New error metric, which will take you straight to the rich error view, that you already know and love.

Interesting metrics like the number of users and browsers that are affected by a new release, are available on the Deployment Tracking dashboard. The metrics will give your DevOps engineers the perfect tool to follow-up on deployments.

Integrates with the tools you already use

When implementing a successful DevOps process, you need tools. Back in the day, software was released every 6 months by hand. When releasing frequently, DevOps engineers are hired to automate this process. Deployment Tracking fits perfectly into your release process. We integrate natively with popular deployment products like Azure DevOps and Octopus Deploy. We also integrate with Azure by utilizing the Kudu deployment engine.

Using Umbraco? You're in luck! We love Umbraco too and have a native integration with Umbraco and Umbraco Cloud.

Version control integration

Nobody likes a blame game. But when a bug is introduced, being able to determine what caused the error, can make a big difference. Fixing recently introduced bugs fast can mean life or dead of most online products today.

With the source code integration, we automatically pull the changelog from your deployment product like Azure DevOps or Octopus Deploy. You can even use Deployment Tracking as your main list of releases and what's in them.

Finally, our integrations pull information about who triggered each deployment. In cases where people are actually involved, you know who to talk to first, when errors starts to roll into your logs.

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