Integrate with YouTrack

You no longer need to create bugs manually

Automatically Create Issues

With the YouTrack integration for, we automatically create new errors stored in your logs as issues on YouTrack. Why spend time manually syncing the errors logged by your application to YouTrack, when can do the job for you?

All issues are filled with detailed information about each error, like the error message, the URL causing the error, and the affected user. At most times, you won't even have to visit to get an overview of what went wrong.

Using our YouTrack app, we integrate with the tool you are already using to manage bugs. No need to spend time learning how to use multiple bug trackers.

Easy Installation provide you with all of the documentation you need to get up and running. Simply generate a new token on YouTrack and install the YouTrack app from the App Store. New errors will start flowing to YouTrack the second you install the integration.

For more information about how quickly you can get up and running, check out the instructions on the Documentation site:

YouTrack Instructions

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