Azure Error Logging

Error Monitoring of Websites & Functions

Native Website and Function Support

With, everything from Azure Websites to Functions is supported. You will find services out there, claiming to support everything running on Azure. In real life, they provide you with a C#-based .NET client and leave the real integration to you.

We offer custom and individual integrations for all .NET applications on Azure. We support log analytics for app services running on ASP.NET, MVC, Web API, ASP.NET Core, WebJobs, and Functions as well as Uptime Monitoring and Heartbeats. This ensures that you will get the most detailed error reports from your Azure environment.

Azure Pipelines Deployment Tracking

Ever wondered which release of your software that introduced an error? With Deployment Tracking, we integrate with Pipelines from Azure DevOps. Notifying about a new deployment is easily added from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

While Application Insights can be sufficient for simple environments, it does not give you an answer to that burning question: which deployment caused a new error. With Deployment Tracking, you will get the perfect overview of when you released and which deployments caused errors in production.

Hot Deploy to Azure

When is already a part of your stack, all of your websites and services already report errors from Azure. But what if your production website is already running and you don't have the choice of making a new deployment? With our Site Extension built exclusively for Microsoft Azure, adding error logging to a running website, requires nothing more than a few mouse clicks:

Sync Errors with Azure Boards

Let's face it; you will have errors in production. People are often quite surprised when adding to what they thought was bug-free software. Keeping tracking of those bugs should be an essential part of your error management process. With our integration with Azure Boards, we automatically create new bugs on your Azure DevOps board as soon as it is discovered.

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