Take back control

When your website feels sick, we've got your back!

elmah.io core features

We monitor your websites

We monitor your websites for crashes and availability. This helps you get an overview of the quality of your applications and to spot trends in your releases.

We notify you

We notify you when errors starts happening using Slack, HipChat, mail or other forms of communication to help you react to errors before your users do.

We help you fix bugs

We help you fix bugs quickly by combining error diagnostic information with innovative quick fixes and answers from Stack Overflow and social media.

elmah.io customers

What a great idea, ELMAH (Error Logging) for .NET in the cloud.

elmah.io technologies: Microsoft.NET, Microsoft Azure, Elasticsearch, Redis

elmah.io is powerful, super intuitive, and just works. It's as if a real person made it for real people.