Legal FAQ

To be honest, we have challenges understanding lawyer lingo in the terms of the services we are using to run To help you understand our terms, we have tried collecting the most common legal-related questions we get in a single place, with answers that you don't need a lawyer-degree to understand. This page doesn't have the usual last modified date and other elements as you know them from term documents. It may change at any time. For the full picture, we recommend you to look through the legal documents.

Do you collect personal data?

Yes, we do. We collect your name, email, and other types of information. The data are stored in our local databases.

Yes. We share your personal data with Intercom, Stripe, AWS, and in some cases Mailchimp. This is done to make work properly.

We store the log messages from your applications logged through the API.

No! In case is acquired or shut down, any new owners will inherit the terms from our Privacy Policy.

The different software components of have access to your log data to present them to you when using the UI. No human within has access to your log data unless explicitly granted during a support case.

All the data that we store are in Microsoft Azure's West US and East US data centers. This is not configurable.

Always. Reach out to support.

Always. Reach out to support to get a JSON export.

Yes, we use cookies for both the application as well as ad targeting. In the perfect world, there would be no cookies, but we also need to make the application work and acquire new customers to pay our salaries.

We do everything in our power to keep the product safe to use. Check out Security for more information.

We almost always allow that. But please ask first.

We are a remote company but our headquarter is located in Denmark and we are subject to Danish law and regulation.

If you sign up for a paid subscription, we will charge you either monthly or annually. We also charge you for top-ups that are purchased manually through the UI. There's a free trial that doesn't require you to input a credit card.

Yes. Reach out to support to cancel your subscription.

We offer a full refund within 14 days after signing up. After that, no refunds are available.

Contact Us

If you have any legal-related questions, please contact us.