Azure Functions and Azure Functions goes hand in hand!

Native Integration

With our native integration explicitly built for both Azure Functions and Isolated Azure Functions, monitoring if your Functions behaves nicely requires a few lines of code only. Errors are automatically sent to's servers. You will experience the same rich notifications and apps support as with the website integrations.

Monitoring errors in Functions is one thing. You also want to make sure that your HTTPS-based Functions are available for request and your timed and queue-based Functions are running. With Uptime Monitoring, setting up heartbeats notifies you as soon as something isn't working as expected.


All configuration is available through both C# and JSON. Using configuration, you can have an log per Function or log multiple Functions to the same log. Utilize different log levels to log everything from debug messages to fatal errors.

The range of configuration possibilities doesn't stop here. With Azure Functions v2 and forward, you can use's integration with Microsoft.Extensions.Logging. Doing so opens a whole new world of possibilities like logging filters and dependency injection.

Capture Properties

Having a rich set of contextual information available is essential when trying to debug an error from your production environment. Having an error message and a stack trace only, as provided by alternative monitoring platforms, often isn't enough to figure out what went wrong.

With's native integration with Azure Functions, we automatically collect properties from FunctionFilterContext and any properties you have added. Make sure to pick a monitoring solution for your Azure Functions that goes the length of managing these things, to make sure that you are in a position to recover from production issues fast.

WebJob Support

The client doesn't stop with Functions. Monitoring Azure WebJobs is fully supported with the same level of detail as with Functions. Every aspect of your failing WebJobs are logged to, and notifications and apps can be configured using the same approach as your other services and websites.

If you want to move your WebJobs to Functions, logging and configuration are based on the same dependencies. By reducing logging migration time, you will free up time to work on what matters to your business.


Monitoring errors in functions is one thing. Verifying that functions run and in the expected internal is just as important. With our native integration between Azure Functions and Heartbeats, doing just that is easier than ever before.

Set up an expected interval and grace period on, include a few lines of code, and we'll take care of the rest. If your Azure Functions stops running or doesn't follow the expected schedule, we'll notify you through one or more methods of choice.

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