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dotConnect Discount

dotConnect is an enhanced data connectivity solution built over ADO.NET architecture and a development framework with a number of innovative technologies. dotConnect product line includes high performance data providers with advanced Entity Framework support for the major databases and popular Cloud applications and offers a complete solution for developing data-related applications, services, and web sites.

ErrorUnit Discount

ErrorUnit automatically creates Unit Tests from your errors logged in Elmah, or in Visual Studio while debugging. Not only reproducing the parameters that were passed to the Method, but the static or private class variables, and the data accessed so far by Entity Framework.

RevDeBug Discount

RevDeBug records what an application does “under the hood” on each line of code and allows you to step backwards in time, which helps in finding the root causes of bugs. Finally you don’t need to restart your debugging session over and over again. Now you can trace the root cause of bugs just by stepping back in time.

AttackFlow Visual Studio Extension Discount
AttackFlow Visual Studio Extension

AttackFlow is a Visual Studio extension with an easy installation and update. Each time you type syntax error-free code into the development environment, AttackFlow runs in the background trying to find security vulnerabilities including the flow analysis. Taint flow analysis to configurational bugs AttackFlow supports over 45 unique of software security findings grouped in nine classes including but not limited to Authorization, Injection, Cryptography, Authentication, Code Quality.

Typemock Isolator Discount
Typemock Isolator – Helping Developers become Agile through easy unit testing

Typemock Isolator isn’t just about mocking. It is about a seamless unit testing experience. Typemock Isolator is the first tool to enable mocking static and hidden methods. And now it's the first tool to suggest complete unit tests for you, even on your Legacy code. Typemock Isolator continuously brings revolutionary new perspectives on unit testing.

CloudBerry Explorer PRO Discount
CloudBerry Explorer PRO

Explorer for Azure Storage is a SIMPLE file manager for the Cloud storage. CloudBerry Explorer allows accessing and managing Azure storage accounts as well as moving files and folders between your computer and cloud storage.

Siaqodb Discount

Siaqodb is a NoSQL embedded object and document database engine for .NET

MyGet Discount

Attain tangible productivity gains and reduce time to market by integrating with MyGet's Package Management services. MyGet offers public and private package repository hosting for NuGet, NPM, Bower, and Visual Studio Extensions. Create feeds with your own proprietary packages and those from other package sources. If you already use some sort of NuGet server and also need support for NPM, Bower and symbols, you may benefit from moving your packages to MyGet, allowing you to manage all your software artifacts in one place.

SQL Pretty Printer Discount
SQL Pretty Printer

SQL Pretty Printer, a SQL formatter tool that allows you to easily format messy and unorganized SQL into a clean, well-structured script. SQL Pretty Printer can also generate well-formatted and colored SQL scripts in HTML or RTF, quickly convert between SQL and C#, Java, VB, PHP, Delphi and more, cutting down the time used to debug SQL.

Linqer Discount

Many programmers are familiar with SQL and will require help in the transition to LINQ. Sometimes complicated queries need to be written and Linqer can help by converting SQL scripts to LINQ.

NHibernate Profiler Discount
NHibernate Profiler

NHibernate Profiler is a real-time visual debugger allowing a development team to gain valuable insight and perspective into their usage of NHibernate. The product is architected with input coming from many top industry leaders within the NHibernate community. Alerts are presented in a concise code-review manner indicating patterns of misuse by your application.

.NET Memory Profiler Discount
.NET Memory Profiler

.NET Memory Profiler is a powerful tool for finding memory leaks and optimizing the memory usage in programs written in C#, VB.NET or any other .NET Language. With the help of the profiling guides, the automatic memory analyzer, and specialized trackers, you can make sure that your program has no memory or resource leaks, and that the memory usage is as optimal as possible.

OzCode Discount

OzCode is a revolutionary debugging extension which complements Visual Studio, and supercharges the C# debugging experience.

NDepend Discount

NDepend is a tool for .NET Developers and Architects, that lets control and measure .NET code quality, right inside Visual Studio and also on the Build Server. The tool offers a wide range of features, including code ruling through C# LINQ queries, various live diagrams and charts and production of reporting.

Beyond Compare Discount
Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your files and folders. By using simple, powerful commands you can focus on the differences you're interested in and ignore those you're not. You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records.

Entity Framework Profiler Discount
Entity Framework Profiler

Entity Framework Profiler is a real-time visual debugger allowing a development team to gain valuable insight and perspective into their usage of Entity Framework. The product is architected with input coming from many top industry leaders within the OR/M community. Alerts are presented in a concise code-review manner indicating patterns of misuse by your application.


Dotnetos Conference
Dotnetos Conference

Dotnetos is a two-day conference dedicated solely to .NET performance! Both international and Polish speakers (all sessions in English). Chance to meet well-known people from .NET performance area in person. Great food and beverages. Last but not least, great networking opportunity!

MicroCPH Discount
MicroCPH Conference

Micro CPH is a 2-day single track conference taking place in Copenhagen. Join us for inspiring talks about microservices, distributed and event-driven architecture, and get insights into the operational side of developing, running, deploying and testing microservices.

Free O'Reilly eBook
O'Reilly Conferences

Get 20% off passes to O'Reilly conferences including OSCON, Strata + Hadoop World, Velocity, O'Reilly Software Architecture and more.
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Programming Languages ABC++ Discount
Programming Languages ABC++

It's an alphabet book that aims to help us share what we do with the kids in our life, and spark children's interest in coding. The book follows the Bug, as it bumbles through the alphabet in colorful computer pun illustrations. Each page highlights a different language with a ‘Hello World’ program, and some factoids about the history of the language.

.NET Web Application Logging Essentials eBook
.NET Web Application Logging Essentials eBook

Get a free copy of the eBook .NET Web Application Logging Essentials. The book is an introduction to logging concepts and how to use them in .NET. Logging frameworks, logging from websites, cloud-logging and error management are subjects of this book.


Release! Discount

Release! is a lightly themed game set in the world of software development. Creating software takes time, skill, the right team, and hard work. Release is a little quicker, and a lot more fun. Modeled on school trick taking games, Release! puts a spin on classic sensibilities with new scoring mechanics each round, and powerful special cards featuring some familiar faces from the industry.