Is a high available site?

Yes. is running on Windows Azure. Websites in Windows Azure are highly available and distributed across data centers and continents. Below the cover, stores its data in a cluster of Elasticsearch instances.

Yes. Every error logged from your website are send to through HTTPS. The website is accessible through HTTPS only. Besides HTTPS we are working with an external security specialist in order to make sure, that your errors are kept safe at all times. For more details, check out Security.

Be aware that you should never give away your API key and log id to someone outside your team or corporation. API keys are used for getting errors through our public API, why this id should always be a secret.

You are in luck! This problem can be solved in numerous ways using

  • Expand individual errors and click the Hide option in the tools menu. This hides the error until you decide to unhide it.
  • Expand individual errors and click the Delete option in the tools menu. This removes an error for good.
  • Navigate to your log settings and select the Actions tab. Beneath this tab you can clear your entire log.
  • Use the Ignore Filter or Rules feature to ignore certain errors when they are logged.

ELMAH stands for Error Logging Modules and Handlers for ASP.NET and is the original and very successful open source project for logging errors from .NET web applications. is a cloud service offering logging to the cloud from every web framework already supporting ELMAH. More details here: ELMAH and differences.

No. A group of talented developers are maintaining and doing new development of ELMAH. is maintained by us, though we love to help out on the ELMAH framework as well. Lucky for us, the maintainers behind ELMAH have been kind enough to send us multiple pull requests on the parts of which are open source.

Yes and no. The persistence part and the website are not open source. We open sourced a couple of the components we have written in order to make work, as well as our NuGet packages for logging errors to

A lot of the internals of are based on open source and we love making contributions to other projects. builds on top of ELMAH, which is an error logging framework for .NET web applications. Integrating with from other languages than .NET is possible, if someone wrote an integration for ELMAH from that language or web framework. If no integrations are there, you can use our API to manually log errors to

There are a few options for browsing through your errors, without visiting

  • Using the Rules tab of the log settings, you can execute custom rules each time a new error occurs. This way you can send yourself an email or make a HTTP request when new errors are logged.
  • ELMAH offers an error browser as well. This browser is available by visiting /elmah.axd on your own site (available for ASP.NET / MVC / Web API only).
  • We’ve developed an Visual Studio extension, making it possible to browse your log(s) from within Visual Studio.
  • Finally we provide an API, making it possible to integrate anything with Please let us know if you build something cool.


Which (web)frameworks support

Every framework supporting ELMAH also supports Besides these, we maintain a range of integrations for popular logging frameworks like log4net, NLog and Serilog. We do a lot to test with as many frameworks as possible and love writing about it. Find out how to integrate with from various frameworks, by visiting

Hard to say, but most likely this issue is caused by one of two reasons:

  1. You already have configuration in your web.config file. Look for the element.
  2. Powershell does not have sufficient privileges to execute the install.ps1 script from the NuGet package. Start Visual Studio as administrator or set ExecutionPolicy.


Can I upgrade my subscription after I sign up?

Of course. When you upgrade your subscription, automatically generate the difference between what you've already paid and the new plan.

Yes. You pay for either 1 month or 1 year. If you downgrade your subscription, you will be automatically downgraded on the next payment.

No. We provide 21 days of free trial but after that, you will need to pay if you want to continue to use Even though it would be cool, we cannot host a lot of logs and keep innovate on the platform for free. We really hope that you want to help us keep the releases on flowing, by checking out our plans and pricing page and consider purchasing a paid plan.

In most cases you can't. Please try out by signing up for the trial plan. When you feel satisfied, upgrade to a paid plan for the full monty. Check out our Refund Policy for details.

No. You pay for either 1 month or 1 year up front. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but we do not offer refunds. Check out our Refund Policy for details.